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Child Sponsorship

Very few of Calcutta's street children attend school. Very poor families simply cannot afford to send them. Tabitha's Heart believes that a good education is critical to breaking the cycle of poverty in these children's lives.


Once children have attended classes at our center for at least four months, we enroll them in a local English-language primary school through our sponsorship program.


Why English? In India, graduates who can read, write and speak English usually earn much more than those who are educated only in their native language. Therefore, we strive to give our kids the best chance for success by teaching them English and enrolling them in English-language schools.


Most children who go to school in India attend private schools, as India's public schools are few in number and are generally of poor quality. Private schools provide a good education, but students must pay many fees, buy their own books, and wear uniforms and shoes.
Poor families simply cannot afford these costs.


Because poor families simply cannot affort these costs, we have a school sponsorship program. Your $30 a month pays for your sponsored child's tuition at a local school and all of their school supplies, books, uniforms, shoes, and a bookbag. We also provide your child a hot lunch on school days and 2 hours of daily tutoring at our education center, since parents are usually illiterate and unable to help children with their lessons.


We now have more than 200 sponsored children enrolled in local schools. With their hard work and Tabitha's Heart's support, they are doing extremely well, consistently ranking at the top of their classes! Their lives and futures are being changed before our eyes. (Read some of our success stories!) Many more of our kids are ready and waiting to enroll in school. They just need sponsors! 

For only $30 a month, you can help us transform poor communities, one child at a time. Sponsor a child now



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