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Our Children's Home

Most "street children" in Calcutta have a family of kind and usually live with them in a slum home or on the sidewalk. But there are children who truly live on the street with no parent or other adult to care for or protect them. Some of these kids have fled their homes to escape an abusive alcoholic or drug-addicted parent. Others have parents who are so destitute or mentally or physically ill that they are simply incapable of feeding and caring for their children. 

That's why the Tabitha's Heart children's home ministry is so vital. We bring boys and girls living on the street or in dangerous situations into a safe, loving home environment where they can experience the love of Christ. 

The kids in our home have come out of extremely difficult and tragic situations. One thirteen-year-old girl was living on the street with her young cousin. Her mother had committed suicide years ago, and her schizophrenic father had attempted to kill her.

Young Mehndi's parents were both addicts. Her father was in a rehab facility and her mother ran away to live with a drug dealer, abandoning her children. Mehndi was living with her two teenage sisters, but her sisters worked all day, trying to earn enough to buy food, and Mehndi was left alone.

Three-year-old Sagar and his mother were so poor, they were living on the sidewalk near our main education center. His mother had managed to find some work, but she had no one to help her care for Sagar. She had been leaving him alone on the busy sidewalk all day while she went to work. Sagar came to live with us after a guard working nearby alerted us to his plight. 

Tabitha's Heart operates a children's home in a quiet community on the edge of the city. Together with loving houseparents, support staff, and a few dogs and cats, the Lord in His kindness is knitting together a big happy family.

But we can't do this kind of ministry without your help. Running a children's home is a challenging and expensive undertaking! When you give to the General Fund, your gift helps pay for food, rent, clothing, staff salaries, and occasional outings for the kids. Each of these kids also needs a sponsor to be able to attend school. Read more about how you can get involved, or give now to Tabitha's Heart. Thank you for your generosity!

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