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When you sponsor a child for just $30 a month, you provide the tuition, fees, uniform, shoes and supplies your child needs to attend a local English-language primary school. Your contribution also provides a hot meal and tutoring each afternoon at our center, the kind of support your child needs in order to succeed in school. Read more about our program.


You may search our database for a child of a specific gender and age range, or you may simply use the arrows below to read about and select a child awaiting sponsorship. As a sponsor, you will receive a welcome packet with more detailed information about your child and our sponsorship program. You will receive periodic photos, updates, and correspondence from your sponsored child, and we will tell you how you can correspond with him or her by mail or even email, if you desire.


If you have further questions about child sponsorship, please contact us. 


If you wish to sponsor a child you've seen featured in a child sponsorship brochure, please click here to enter the child's name and sponsorship ID.

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Name: Suhana
Gender: Female
Age: 11
ID: 2013-318

Suhana lives with her parents, grandparents, two uncles and three sisters in a Hindu outcaste slum area. Like most adults in their area, her father works as a sweeper. Two of her sisters are also in our program.

Suhana is a quiet little girl. She likes to watch tv and says she wants to be a flight attendant when she grows up.

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Name: Sharat
Gender: Male
Age: 10
ID: 2013-348

Sharot's family is a part of a Hindu outcaste group and so his parents earn very little money working as street sweepers and cleaners.

Sharot is a very happy and outgoing little boy and he loves to draw! He is very smart and likes to learn new things at school.

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Name: Fatima
Gender: Female
Age: 10
ID: 2013-371

Fatima lives with her family in a very poor Muslim slum area called Bandarapati. Her father makes a meager living by washing cars when he can. 

Fatima really enjoys studying at school. She also likes writing and drawing. She is a really energetic and happy little girl who loves to run and play games.

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Name: Shabaz
Gender: Male
Age: 10
ID: 2013-358

Shabaz lives in a very poor slum area with his family. His father tries to support their family by fixing cars and bicycles.

Shabaz is a very curious little boy and has a very bubbly personality. He likes all sports, but his most favorite game is soccer.

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Name: Mustafa
Gender: Male
Age: 10
ID: 2012-283

Mustafa and his family live in a very poor slum area near the Tabitha's Heart center. His father washes cars during the day to try and support their family.

Mustafa is a very lively and energetic little boy who likes to play and learn new games. He says he wants to study so that he can be a doctor one day.

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