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Youth Center

At Charisma House, our youth center in the heart of Calcutta, Tabitha's Heart offers literacy and other educational programs to hundreds of desperately poor street children. In this safe and loving environment, they begin to see new possibilities beyond life on the streets.

Literacy and Preschool Classes

Because nearly all of India's street children are illiterate and unprepared for a classroom setting, Charisma House provides basic preparatory education and training through our preschool and informal literacy classes in Hindi and English. These programs not only foster literacy, but also introduce children to a structured environment, good hygiene, and personal discipline, all critical to their success in school. Children who attend our classes daily for a minimum of four consecutive months may then be enrolled in a local English-language primary school under our sponsorship program.  

 We also take smaller groups of children on field trips to places like the zoo or the science museum, places they would otherwise never have the opportunity to experience.  

Youth Meetings

Older children are also invited to attend weekly youth meetings at Charisma House. Tuesday evenings are dedicated to teenage girls, Saturday mornings to pre-teen boys, and Saturday afternoons to teenage boys. At each meeting, the children play games and sports, enjoying the opportunity to simply be children. We also spend time teaching from the Bible to address specific issues in their lives. This is a time when they can share challenges in their lives and have others pray for their needs.

Moral Lessons

One afternoon a week, we hold what is known in India as a "morals class" at our Charisma House youth center. Here the children learn songs and Bible stories, watch puppet shows or dramas, memorize Bible verses, have competitions, and do art projects. We offer them moral and spiritual training, encouraging them to become good citizens and Godly men and women who can bring hope and lasting change to their families and communities.




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